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Dear Veterans and Friends,                                                                                               

JANUARY   22,, 2015                                                                                                                                                               

We are pleased to invite your participation in our 1st Annual NAM JAMâ   with benefits proceeding the Vietnam Veterans of America, Henderson, and Boulder City Chapter 1076. Our organization is dedicated in helping provide support to our Veterans, disadvantaged Veterans and their families. We sponsor many Veteran programs at the Veterans Hospital, Veterans Homeless Shelter, perpetuate the memory of deceased Veterans their families, widows and the orphans of deceased veterans and the community.

This year, our 1st Annual NAM JAMâ  will be held Saturday, March 19, 2016, starting at 09:00 a.m. At Veterans Memorial Park in Boulder City Nevada
As we plan for this Patriotic and Charitable event, we appreciate your consideration of a contribution or sponsorship for this benefit. Sponsorships, donations or food products are welcome in any amount. Your sponsorship or donated goods will go a long way toward helping make this a memorable event. Donations In the range of $100 to $1,500 dollars, will place your name or organization in all press releases, appear on banners displayed the day of the event.

We are also seeking the donation of prizes to be used for our raffle, to take place at this Patriotic Celebration. Once again, all proceeds will directly benefit Veterans, their families, Veterans Homeless Shelters, the Southern Nevada Veteran Hospital and many Veteran programs and the community.

We thank you for consideration of a sponsorship, donation, or raffle item, and ask that you please complete the following and return it to us. Any questions that you may have, please contact our fund-raiser director,                                                                                       Robert Lough @ email or 702.306.5397 or                         Robert Serge @ email  or 702.715.0558 NamJam Chairman

On behalf of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Henderson, Boulder City Chapter 1076, we sincerely thank you for your generosity.                                                                                 YES, WE WANT TO HELP OUR VETERANS, THEIR FAMILIES AND VETERAN PROGRAMS

         My/Our sponsorship of the 1st Annual NAM JAMâ is enclosed.

         We will provide a raffle item. Please call to arrange pick-up.

         My/Our donation to Vietnam Veterans of America is enclosed.

NAME: ______________________________________  Phone: _______________

Business _________________________________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________

 City/State/Zip: ______________________________________

Please complete and return by mail to the address listed below. Make Checks payable to NamJam VVA 1076

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc.

                                                        Henderson, Boulder City  Chapter 1076                                                               
                                  VFW Post 3848 401 W. Lake Mead Pkwy, Henderson NV.89105                                             E-Mail      

   Phone Number 702.769.3541

Friday, December 18, 2015


This just everyone know that we are at crunch time for NAMJAM we need to start to raise the monies to but this show on  anyone that can help us do just that please email me at   we can use anyone's help.

namjam will be at veterans memorial park, Gazebo 1-5 splash park. Boulder City NV on March 19 2016 .


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Nam Jam

We are working on a place in Boulder City Parks one of our people is setting up a meeting with boulder City Parks An Rec . o any one know a park we might for our NamJam 2016 please let me know at

Monday, October 5, 2015


The first organizational meeting for NAMJAM  by the vva Chapter 1076 will be held   at the VFW  BASIC POST 3848 401 W. LAKE MEAD PKWY HENDERSON,NEVADA 89015 at 2 pm on Saturday October 10th 2015. 

If you would like to volunteer to help please be there. We have A lot on information to go over and we have to start our committees below  

 ©  Veterans Memorial Park                                      March 19, 2016 9 AM—7 PM
                                                                                                                                 October  10 2015

Our 1st  annual NAMJAM Henderson, Boulder City NV.  (2016  Benefit and Celebration are off and running. We are starting early to ensure that all of our volunteer tasks are made easy as possible and we all have fun doing it. We need to fill some empty volunteer slots for Committee Chairs, Managers and volunteers. Please take a moment and read this and SIGN-UP!! This is your VVA Chapter 17’s annual Fundraising event and we need all your support behind it. Let’s get some new faces and give a break to the ones that have made this event worthwhile.

Please select the committee(s) you want to participate in:

ð        Accounting / Budget & Administration – (min 3 committee people) This committee supports the GREEN ROOM, sets up and maintains strict control of accountability of all funds. Ensures that sufficient monetary funds are available in support of all of our sales transactions. To track all donations, expenses and prepare a final accounting report. The chair is xxxxxxx xxxx

ð      Concession stand / booth space coordinator – (min 3 committee people). This committee ensures that all food, games and product display vendors are assigned and placed correctly in their assigned slots. The coordinator and staff will coordinate with the City of Tucson Parks and recreation management for obtaining booths keys and comply with all directives.  The committee will ensure that all vendors have packets consisting of the park map, badges, location of their assigned spot and vendor parking cards. Coordinate litter and cleanup crews.
The chair is xxxxxxxx xxxx

ð      Beer Ticket Booth Sales Manager – this booth generates the bulk of our fundraiser, Staffing this booth, you have to part salesperson, pitch person and a good knowledge of math comes in handy. Must be able to handle crowds and some customer relations. All potential customers must be ID’d  ensure they meet the drinking age requirement (over 21 years of age) This year the selling of beer will start at 12 o’clock noon and end at 8 – 9 PM. This committee will need 6-8 volunteers. There will be security and police posted at this booth.

ð      Food Concession booth manager (min 6 – 9 volunteers) this is an important area of NAMJAM. The manager must feed the volunteers and feed our hungry guests. On our 2005 NAMJAM event, we generated over $2400 dollars in burgers, hot dogs, nacho’s and Chile. Our cost was $~800 dollars. This year we will expand the menu to include taquitos. We will, with the help of our fundraising committee, try to get as much food donated as possible and purchase the rest. We will have two concession booths reserved for us and should provide all the room we need. One concession booth will be used for the feeding of the volunteers and the other booth will sell food to our guests. A price list has been made out of what we will charge for our food products. (Subject to change).  Xxxxx xxxxx &xxxxxxx, have volunteered to undertake this awesome responsibility. This is a hard job and it will keep you moving, but to see the satisfied look on our guests makes it all worthwhile. If you want to assist xxxxx and xxxxx, please contact them at: email address: just email them, At
 Cell #’s

ð      Children Activities Chairperson – this committee of volunteers (5-8) will supervise and obtain the Jumping Castle(s) its accessories, face painters, balloon artists and others deemed necessary to ensure that our young visitors are entertained. Proper supervisor of the young must be observed at all times. There will no charge for the use of the jumping castle(s). However, we will accept donations to help defray expenses and this will be discussed with the children’s committee. This committee is wide open and we are asking for volunteers and a Chairperson. The hours of operations should be from 12 o’clock (noon) to 5:30 pm.                        
ð       Entertainment Director and staff - (min 5 committee people). This committee will provide interactive entertainment that will ensure a constant sensory and a unique viewing event. This committee will provide specific musical programming that will appeal to our guests. The director will arrange for electrical need, lighting, sound and audio systems, decorate and prepare the stage for the performers. Nostalgic music of the 60’s and 70’s, Classic rock, Latino Rhythms and music that will have mass appeal to our listening guests. This committee will ensure that sufficient BACK-UP’S of other bands be available in the event of cancellations of programs performers. In addition to planning and scheduling all the event’s programming, they will develop and distribute the event program flyers.

ð      At this time, our Master of Ceremonies is –  xxxxxxxx xxxxxx Director of Entertainment and Stage Manager is xxxx xxxx, Asst stage manager is xxxx xxx and xxxxxx xxxxxx.  The scheduling of the bands and acts is to be done by d   xxx xxxx, NAMJAM Las Vegas Chairman, xxxxx xxxxx with the assistance of xxxx xxxxx and other volunteers if needed. The  information on this committee, please contact: xx xxxx at email address: , cell # /

ð        Fundraiser Committee - (min 10 committee people). This committee is the heart of any fundraising event. This select group of volunteers will have to think outside the box in order to generate funds. This will entail the formation of multiple fundraisers such as the sale of raffle tickets, obtaining sponsors, donation of food and refreshments to feed the volunteers and requesting the donations of raffle items and so on. This fundraising will continue on throughout the event, as raffle tickets will be sold on a continuous basis. (EVERYONE IS A FUNDRAISER) Got ideas??? Contact

ð        Membership committee director - (min 4 committee people). This committee oversees the VVA and AVVA membership. It will be the committee’s responsibility to obtain new members and retain the old ones. Incentives such as a free NAMJAM T-shirt or hats can be given for signing up and becoming a VVA / AVVA member. This committee will oversee the lost and found department and serve as an information booth for our guests. For more information, contact:

ð        Museum Director / Curator - (min 3 committee members + 10 people). This is an important segment of NAMJAM and requires all the support of the chapter. Efforts in this area require the set-up and the disassembly of a medium size canvas tent, canopies, tables and the artifacts as directed by the museum curator. For more information, contact

ð        NAMJAM Director of Homeland Security - (min 3 committee members + 20 volunteers or as many the directors may need). The director will recruit a security force and coordinate with local law enforcement agencies for the security of this event. Ensure that parking directions are adhered to and arrange for transportation and parking for the elderly and handicapped Veterans through the use of our available golf carts. Work with the Volunteer director for further assistance in obtaining additional people power. Additional instructions and information will be provided as needed by the NAMJAM Chairman. For more info contact

ð        NAMJAM Volunteer Coordinator (min 4 committee members) – the coordinator will recruit and compile a list of all volunteers and assign them as needed. The Coordinator will work closely with the Security Director to ensure enough volunteers are available to man all the stations and that all volunteers are provided breaks as needed. The coordinator will provide meals, refreshment tickets and ID badges to all volunteers as needed. The issuance of NAMJAM Volunteer T-shirts will be determined by the coordinator of volunteers and ensure that whomever deserves one WILL get one. The coordinator will select the time of their issuance; along with their badges and meal tickets. Our biggest concern in the use of volunteers will be in the area of serving the beer. Time schedules must be worked out. (Suggest 2-3 hours max per volunteer) For more information contact , cell                     
ð        CHARITY MOTORCYCLE POKER RUN –This portion of the NAMJAM event in partners with “The One Hero At A Time” chairs are xxxxxx xxxxx and xxxx xxxxxxxx and they will be working with their volunteers at NAMJAM, as a starting point. They will coordinate and recruit volunteers to conduct the Charity Poker Run. They will obtain all needed packets, material and refreshments with assistance from the NAMJAM committee and select all poker run stops. VVA 1076 chapter members can assist in any way possible to make our first annual  “Charity Poker Run” a success. The chairs will work with the NAMJAM PSA committee to generate media attention about the event. The directors will ensure that all safety guidelines and procedures are enforced. For more information, contact

ð        Product sales manager (min 5 committee members) The PSM will conduct an inventory all NAMJAM patches, hats, T-shirts and other items that will be sold and advise the budget director on items to be ordered prior to NAMJAM. Upon completion of the event, an inventory must be conducted and findings passed on to the budget director. All monies along with an inventory of products sold must be sent to the Green Room for accountability. For more Information please contact: , email                                                                                                                                                   
  Publicity - PSA’s  (min 4 committee members).  The director and its committee members must inform the community of this upcoming Patriotic Event. They do this by using press releases to attract the visitors, banners, letter campaigns, postcards, flyers, brochures, telephone calls and word of mouth. Exposure is the key word and the media source of communications must be utilized. This committee must develop print and media lists, help facilitate media interviews and document publicity efforts. For more information, contact


Tuesday, September 8, 2015


We started to but together a budget for our annual fundraiser.I have started look into sites to but this on .and cost for butting this on Here is a tentative budget

SET-UP Budget Requirements (Estimates) Subject to adjustments

Audio/Lighting/Rental                                                                       $1950
City of Henderson, Boulder City rental of park                                     800
Event Coordinator Application                                                              290
Booths rentals with keys **                                                                  2000
City of Henderson, Boulder City Police (Security)                              4500
Traffic control barricades                                                                        900
Portable Lighting for parking area                                                          990
Park Permits (Beer, Liquor, Vendor) **                                                 475
Nevada State Liquor permit **                                                                 45
Clark County health permit **                                                                  50
Event Liability Insurance ($1,000,000) **                                            1800
Security Radios **                                                                                   175
Product sales, patches, hats, etc..**                                                          475
NAM JAM® T-shirts **                                                                         2995      
Printing, advertisement, posters, brochures, etc.…**                               700
Mailing (postage) **                                                                                  400
Office supplies **                                                                                      350
NAM JAM® Henderson, Boulder City food and supplies for resale **   900
Truck rental                                                                                                150

**these items must be pre-paid

Approximately cost--total                                          $19945.00 to $21000.00    

Sales Forecast (anticipated source of revenue)
Beverage sales (beer)                                                                              $15,000 
Food sales (hamburgers, hot-dogs, nacho’s, Chile)                                    3,000
Products sales (T-shirts, hats, patches)                                                        5,000
Raffle tickets                                                                                                1,500
Donations at entry points of $5.00                                                             15,000
Museum donations                                                                                          300
Sponsorships                                                                                                   250
Contributions                                                                                                                250                        
Concession vendor stands (booth space sale)                                               3,000
Total forecast receivable sales                                                                $29,200
It is anticipated that non-profit 501c’s organizations will not be charged for the use of space on the condition and that they will not be SELLING any type of products and must furnish volunteers to assist with our set-up. All other non-profit Veteran organization that requires a booth or space and are going to sell products will be required to provide payment as a regular vendor and obtain all necessary vendor permits.
Direct cost of sales                                                                                           ~           

(See set-up budget requirements on page 3)

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NAMJAM blogspot

This is were you come for information  on Nam Jam Henderson, Boulder city NV.

Also information for Nam Jam from Tucson AZ.